Scalability of the solutions

Our solutions are useful for businesses with smaller subscriber base and are easily scalable as your business / subscribers grow.

It is an ideal end-to-end tool built with the required business intelligence, to suit your changing business needs.

Advantage Cnergee

Easy access

Our Cloud based solutions are available at anytime and from anyplace


Seamless automated systems nullifying errors

Business on-the-go

You are always connected to your business

Every interaction counts

Every interaction in your business is simple, secure and measurable

Case Study

Client Name - VCPL

About Client

Vasai Cables P. Ltd. (VCPL) is a Internet Service Provider servicing customers in Vasai situated on the outskirts of Mumbai. They had subscriber base of 9000. They were operating their network without any ERP or CRM systems. For billing and renewals they were dependent on AAA solution.

The Challenge

  • Loss of new customer enquiries
  • Long enquiry to activation cycle
  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of bandwidth
  • Huge customer outstandings
  • No data and analytics

About Client

  • Huge costs of customer support
  • Issues in KYC and compliances
  • Bad customer service
  • Slow growth in subscriber base
  • Less productivity of the people

The Cnergee Solution - CMAYA

  • Growth in subscriber base from 9000 to 20000
  • Enquiry to activation cycle reduced from 3 weeks to 4 days
  • Collection method changed for pre-paid and post paid ensuring positive cashflow
  • Outstanding reduced from 90 lacs to ZERO
  • Customer calls reduced by 92%, in turn Toll free line bill reduced by 83%
  • Team size is still the same inspite of more than 2 fold growth in subscriber base
  • Online collection went up to 40%, reducing cost of collection
  • Bandwidth and Revenue loss reduced to ZERO
  • Productivity of the team increased due to accountability and performance tracking
  • Frauds and Mal-practices reduced to ZERO